In April of 1990, LBT started her own missions board as the sending agencies for the mission’s graduates of Texas Baptist College. Dr. Nihl Bulkley, the founding pastor of LBT, was the first director of the new mission board. “Independent Baptist World Missions” had her first candidate in missionary Dale Briley, a TBC graduate who serves still today as missionary to Costa Rica.

Dr. Ed Tutton became President of Texas Baptist College in August of 1990. One of his first responsibilities was to finish the “Wayne Daniel Building,” which was to be used as the Texas Baptist College ladies’ dormitory. The building was completed and dedicated in October of 1990. The gymnasium building was converted into the TBC men’s dormitory. Dr. Tutton also organized the first TBC singing and soul-winning groups to be sent out across America.

In the spring of 1992, TV-56, a local television station, aired a so-called expose by reporter Allie Martin which asserted that LBT targeted poor people and forced young people to get baptized. It began on a Wednesday night and was aired each night for ten days. Later Allie Martin would accept Christ as his Saviour, apologize, and give balconyhis testimony at the church’s National S o u l -Wi n n i n g Clinic.

L o n g v i e w Christian Academy’s new 14,300 square foot educational building was finished in early September and plans were made to have Dr. Hyles dedicate the building during the Fundamentalist Conference in October. The deacons voted to name the new building the “Candace Connor Educational Building,” after Kevin and Paula Connor’s daughter went to Heaven just a week before the building was dedicated. Dr. Hyles cut the ceremonial ribbon and dedicated the building at noon on October 20, 1992.

LBT’s first summer baseball league for boys ages 7-10 was started in the summer of 1993 with four teams. The new league provided an excellent opportunity for LBT’s boys to participate in summer athetics without the negative worldly influence.

As LBT continued to grow, the church began to run out of space. Consequently, a new 720- seat balcony addition to the auditorium was built. The balcony was dedicated by Dr. Jack Hyles on May 9, 1995, during the 15th National Soul- Winning Clinic.

For the first time in the history of Longview Baptist Temple, the average number of soul winners out on the streets reached 1,000 in 1996. Another astounding record was set at LBT in 1996, when the church baptized more than 10,000 converts in one year. LBT received an unexpected blessing in 1996 when the Open Door Baptist Church complex in Longview, Texas, valued at $300,000, was given to the church.

In the fall of 1997, a groundbreaking event was held for a new million-dollar dining hall. The “Elaine Howie Dining Hall,” with a feeding capacity of 400 plus, would house a separate hallway of classrooms for much needed Sunday school space.

Night SoulIn January of 1998, the first issue of The Baptist Magazine was published and mailed out to subscribers. Texas Baptist College took a giant step forward in 1998 when 5.673 wooded acres adjacent to the church property was purchased for the location of the future college campus.

During the Easter weekend in April of 1999, LBT once again made history by baptizing over 1,000 converts in a single weekend. The church would baptize over 1,000 again on October 17, 1999.